Vanuatu islands citizenship by investment

Vanuatu islands citizenship by investment are in Pacific Ocean, it has parliamentary democracy. It has its long history. The beauty of the island is splendid. If you want to see nature in its pure form, then it is Vanuatu. Since it got its independence from UK and France therefore English and French is widely understood and spoken. People are dependent on agricultural and related businesses.


It is the fastest processing second citizenship program offered in the world. Normal application is processed in only 01 Month.

  • Speedy processing
  • Travel to one hundred and twenty-five countries without visa.
  • Including EU and UK
  • You need not travel to the Vanuatu for application processin
  • No residency requirement for passport.
  • Invest in Vanuatu Citizenship Support Program.
  • Minimum amount is 130,000 USD
  • No taxes on international income.
  • The citizenship is completely kept secret.
  • Kids, spouse and parents are qualified.


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