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EB-5 Program USA immigration in Lahore

EB-5 Program USA immigration program is considered as the fastest, popular, and reliable investor/business immigration program around the world. This program has attracted many investors throughout the globe including Pakistan. This EB-5 program provides a direct pathway for investors to gain green card.

  • Investment: About USD $900,000
  • Financing Option: It is not allowed according to the law.
  • Net Worth Requirement: There is no fix amount
  • Physical Residency: You should stay in USA in order to get PR
  • Citizenship: After 5 years you can be eligible for PR
  • Benefits: USA is one of the most dreamed places to live in. With multiple education, living and medical benefits.

EB5 Conditional permanent residence

For the applying candidate to obtain a legal permanent residence in the US EB-5 investor program, the candidate needs to first apply for conditional permanent residence, which will last for about two years. Under this prescribed time the applying candidate must meet time the prerequisites highlighted below iso that they can be granted permanent residency in USA.

New commercial enterprise

The EB-5 applying candidate must ne able to set up a ‘new commercial enterprises’, as defined by USCIS. This statement does not mean that the candidate must set up a business from nothing, but the business that will get investment must meet certain prerequisite. These are:

  • Having begun trading either on or after the date of November 29th 1990, OR
  • Those business that have undergone extensive restructuring, OR
  • Those business that have gained 40% net worth, or 40% more employees due to investment of EB-5.

Job creation

In order for the applying candidate to obtain a lawful permanent residence granted by the EB5 investment program, you must have generated about a minimum of 10 full-time US jobs within your 2 years of arriving at the USA.

Minimum investment: Targeted Employment Areas

If the applying candidate invest outside of a Targeted Employment Area, then the amount he must invest is USD $1,800,000. But If the candidate invests inside the targeted employment area then the investment amount becomes $800,000. EB-5 Program USA immigration program

Targeted Employment Areas fall into 2 categories:

  • Rural TEAs For an area to be highlighted as an rural TEA’s it must be outside of the U.S. Office of MSA.
  • High unemployment TEAs these are those areas where an unemployment rate is at least at 1.5 times the US average.