Switzerland residency by investment

Why Switzerland?

Switzerland residency by investment. We at WAC LAW ASSOCIATES are certified specialists who are the top immigration lawyers in Lahore, Pakistan in the field of immigration. Under the precise and committed guidance of our Principal of Practice Mr Waheed Ahmad Chaudhary who is one of the best immigration consultants in Pakistan, we are confident that we can help you and your family achieve your dream of living as a resident in a European state.


  • Enjoying living, working and studying anywhere in the EU region
  • No inheritance tax or No dividend tax
  • Grant of Insurance Policy
  • Switzerland allows for Dual Citizenship
  • The processing time period is very short. The Swiss consulate has 10 days to approve the permit if all the right documents regarding the residency program have been submitted.
  • Offers visa free travel to a 114 countries and walk in Visas in 16 countries

Residency by Investment (Golden Visa)

Switzerland is a choice and dream for those considering residency by investment or a golden visa. But it is actually one of the hardest and most tumultuous processes. Getting residency or citizenship in Switzerland through investment is very different. Not only is the investment requirement very elevated, the terms are also very stringent. Quotas apply to countries from outside the EU. Two methods apply:

  • Forming Company: By forming a company that creates jobs and economic opportunities for local Swiss citizens.
  • Taxation: By paying an annual taxation typically between 150,000$ and 1 million$.
Switzerland immigration

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